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Sunday, September 16th, 2012
7:05 pm
Meowing Randomly As That Still Defines Me
My paradise isn't, but eh? What can I do that's any better for what I'm paying that allow four medium largish dogs? Course I've fenced my little zone in, but not well enough. Three of four get out from time to time. Thus far I've managed to get them safely home.

I'm working harder to please my landlords, who are superior beings because they work.

My eye has healed by the power of antibiotics from Mexico. My friend visited his mother there recently and picked it up just for me. True love!

I'm surviving much to the same degree as I was in my last post, but slightly more content about how things COULD go.

I am wondering at times if God ever questions anything?

Sometimes...I wonder if God is a scared little creature?
Saturday, June 23rd, 2012
1:31 pm
I've moved...a lot...

But I'm done I think...no more moving that is...

I had a horrible experience from Tukwila to Renton to Snohomish...but found a second spot in Snohomish that can become a paradise.

I'm constantly broke, living on $807 a month. Paying $400 in rent of course cuts me deeply. I spend $150 on pets. I budgeted $20 last month for food for myself...didn't work...very hungry as I type now.

I've an eye infection...it's recurring ever since both my eyes were accidentally damaged by my dog. Been two years now and I'm regularly fighting the infection month in and month out when it crops up as it has as of over a month ago now.

I have four cats now...from my original 8 I've three. I lost Kimiaquetil to a tumor on her jugular vein brought on by greedy over-donation of blood at Bellingham Veterinary, on James and Virginia streets. They refuse to take any credit for their actions. I had a drug induced breakdown in February while living in Tukwila behind a Latin pub...The focus of my hysteria was the loss of Kimiaquetil...and an apparent delusional opportunity to resurrect her. I didn't know what I had smoked, still don't...thought it was a single serving of marijuana...but it sent me on a trip I don't wish to forget, though it was terrifying.

But...I'm not going to put the details here. Not here.

Anywho...I'm 31 years old now...I forgot about this journal for over 8 years.

I bookmarked it on my current computer...er...lap top...whatever...so hopefully I don't neglect it for another stretch of years.

I'm left with Taniquetil, Shelby Princess Kitiara, Diusfrakkibbquiel and Oreo Traxis.

Oreo was found at the Slater Road dump in Whatcom county.

I've got four dogs now. Rocket Tolequiel, Jazzy, Jarquiel Sercal and Little Runty Itty Bitty Serenity.

Yes...my pets still define me.

Current Mood: complacent
Saturday, August 23rd, 2003
6:54 pm
One am is like crying softly.
Greetings from the embodiment of the universe. Hello! Which indeed? We like all of them? Squeek giggle! Reading this is as exciting as masterbating with a cheese grater. Entertaining yet ultimitely painful. We are convinced that all is. Quite simple yes...? Don't eat your parents. Taste like gasoline. Yes mom? Just a few minutes ago...sure. Tromp, tromp, tromp, tromp, tromp. That was supposed to be a children's book. Indoctrinate. Arguments about some things. Oh, of course. Some we agree with, some we disagree. Invisible punishment of children and adults. Don't beat the adult dog for pissing on the floor as a puppy. Yes we agree that if people do something wrong they should receive immediate punishment. Isolation, sensory depravation. When raising children...humans are not immoral. That is instilled. Forty far ineffective. Use the intensive stick overall. We don't make up for it. I've got mine, have you yours? Silver so you fight it. Penance. Money. Reparations. Yeah. True. What kind? Croquet? Ever going to get caught poking smot? One in thirty-four
Wednesday, July 17th, 2002
1:20 am
Hello, Diana!
How are you doing these days? I hope you are well. I need to register for Fall Quarter still... I don't think I'm in good shape educationally at this point until I get registration figured out. Are you in school over the summer? I decided not to register for summer quarter because it wasn't going to be paid for. I've been volunteering at Creature's Comfort, a feral cat rehabilitation facility. I still miss Traxis and Spunky... Kira should be popping with child any time now if she hasn't already... My catnip is dying... I'm still unemployed, but have decided that employment would be preferable to the minimal government support I've received of late... I was going to get some psychiatric care, yet all they want to do is fill me up with medication and send me on my merry way... that is no way to help a disturbed individual.

I'm hanging out with John and Suzy right now. I am having fun
Narating at Nick's Friday night Vampire game! We have survived seven weeks now! I am sincerely amazed by such, as we have a few problem players that would love to see the game crash. I'd still really enjoy your presence there if you can ever find the time for it on Fridays from 6 pm until 11:30 or so.

My Dungeons and Dragons game is still going strong. I am having much fun with character development and have put the game on hold a few weeks to let one of my players have a hand at Dungeon Mastering while we all wait in antici..."Say it!"...pation for the Epic Levels handbook, which instructs players on benefits of level twenty-one and up.

My car is in need of some help. The bearings in my front tires have gone sour. The transmission is going sour... I am in a not so bad position, what with a mechanic renting the garage on my Female Parental Unit's dwelling.

I like the word Murphunkle! Murphunkle is a good word, yes...

I want to buy a home or two... Perhaps I'd like to buy a few apartment dwellings... I'm looking into it... Called a realtor a few days ago... Didn't expect him to call me... as I had not actually called him... I had been looking up telephone automated listings... He apparently has Caller ID... Whod've thunk?

I've been playing Diablo II and the Sims of late... The Sims are boring... yet I logged many pointless hours keeping my Sim happy and healthy and wealthy... I don't feel so pointless when playing a Necromancer that doesn't raise dead.

I think my time on the net is almost up. Rather, the time on Suzy's net is almost up... Suzy is considering what it would be like to catalog all the strange things that float around in your head, and has suggested that Livejournal is good for that.
I concur.

I have been introduced to...spelling...looks over at Suzy..."Have you now?" Nods. "Is it terribly exciting?" No response. "What are you casting spells on?" Begins to type. Yes."I'm going upstairs to put my cup away." Picks up her other cup as she leaves. Is now back down here, giggling. "How long are you planning on continuing to write about happenings in my house, it's really not all that exciting." "I know, I live here." Giggles. I know not when this will become boring. "Depends on who you're asking, I suppose." I suppose if Diana continues reading it will be out of curiosity, if for nothing else. You know Diana is the only other person that views my livejournal...I think. That I am. That is true. I suppose she does as well. I don't even bother reading other livejournals as it gets rather tedious. "It's either amusing or depressing at times." I concur.

I did locate an interesting journal once...

Hmmm...I've got her name on my list of E-mail people...though I've only e-mailed her once. She was a depressed mother of three whom I found amusing because she was so, well, amusing about her depression. I ended up reading every journal listing she had written, for years back...

Intstructions for the lowest common denominater. Yes. Choking Hazard if crushed and swallowed should be added to that list.

If crushed fine enough you could sell it as a cure for abortion. I've been blown. Giggle. Rubber. Giggle. Tape. Rip. Drop. Giggle. Bend. Giggle. Shrug. Mobius...spelling...tape...
So it is... a two dimentional object. Lalala. Indeed. And indeed. See a pattern here? No? Good! Hair. Yes. I shampoo and condition my hair. Do you shampoo and condition your hair? No shiny, no touch... agreed. Soft and shiny is fun... It was speeled right the other way... Giggle. Appropriate. Sleep.

Concept. I have heard of this...sleep. Do you humans...sleep...often? Not very. Sounds normal. Well, perhaps I will experiment with this concept myself. There is no need. I am not typing anything of importance... Never. But, as it is spelled out, I tipped you off. Huh? Giggle. Affirmative. Yes. Hat. Splortch. Zorch. Purple Zorch. As opposed to Green Zorch. Green Zorch would be cool, yes. Clear throats consecutively. She likes clear throught. I suppose it is not as clear as thought. Purhaps...perhaps not as clear as through. Sometimes. No shinely...shiney... shiny.....still doesn't look right. meh... Meh... I like Meh too. Not quite. Agreed.

Current Mood: amused
Tuesday, May 21st, 2002
11:40 pm
New Entry!!! I'm always up for that...
I did a stellar job on my Psychology mid-term...now I must continue my effort to ace this course. Math isn't being terribly nice to me, yet a believe I can make do. I had the sheriff come to the house to deal with my unruly brother again... this time I'm not pulling any punches. He's going to be out for my blood, but then, what's new? So, I've got no friends, or so it would seem. I have this mystical ability to alienate anyone I come into contact with. Those people I still give a flying fuck about I try to see in tiny doses as to do them the service of not getting to know me too well. I'm not doing a terrible job with my finances at the moment. I've managed to save over one thousand dollars and would like to know if anyone can suggest how I might invest it. I called a stockbroker and was told that unless I had fifty thousand dollars I shouldn't even consider stock... A mutual fund would be acceptable... if I don't mind getting four thousand dollars when I'm forty years old... I don't want to wait twenty years... I want instant gratification just like the rest of overpriveledged America! Hmm... any other ideas people? I'll invest in you if you can make some money. Well... life going poofy... Just the way I dreamt it would. Mheh...blargue...poofy... Still have my babies...all that matters...got to have something to give a damn about or life just isn't.

Furk me sideways with a nail studded baseball bat. Come on...you know you want to.

Current Mood: cynical
Friday, May 3rd, 2002
4:04 pm
So, you want to see the batcave?
Hiah all! Or at least those of whom will see this. I have not been able to visit Diana or Richard...or Kenny... for some time now, so I'll say hello to Diana through this wonderful medium. I am busy of late turning twenty-one, as of April Late. I had a horrible birthday, but then, I'm me...so goes without saying, I suppose... Currently studying for my Psychology mid-term. It's a doozy! I've got to memorize seventy key concepts and have within long-term memory encoded imagery of ten essay questions, five of which will actually appear in front of me the day of exam, three of which I must choose to write. I'm hoping to pass this with a B at worst. Diana, how is your schooling going? Did the declawing of Estephon go well? I am a putz...la la la... me, the putz. Why so untrustworthy? I guess I deserve that. Well, I need to spend some time reading other's entries... maybe I can figure out what happened then...
Thursday, April 4th, 2002
12:22 pm
Blows the dust off the keyboard...
So I have not updated my journal in some time...I suppose that is an understatement... My understatement was an understatement... I am always getting pigeon holed in English for not writing assertively enough. The fact that I have not written in my live journal for over a month is deplorable. There. A definitive statement, I think...

So how are all of my friends doing these days? I suppose I'd know if I were to check out their live journals... As I've been staring at the computer moniter for some hours now, searching E-Bay for Magic The Gathering listings, I've got nearly no more eye energy left. I was hoping I could sell my commons, which number at around 550+, for about .20 cents apiece. That is not going to happen, I've noticed. People are attempting to sell sets beyond the thousands with uncommons and rares included and the bids are deplorable. I think the average is about $15... if there is a bid at all. Most of the auctions are within hours of ending as well. I suppose I'd be better off walking down to Cosmic Comics or some such place and offering up my cards for a few bucks for gas... granted, a few bucks doesn't get one much gasoline these days...

There is some person on E-Bay bidding on a complete set of Unglued cards, that the seller is going to send in a binder. He has the highest bid at about $50 when I logged off. Now this information in and of itself is not really interesting, is it? Get this, however, this same person is attempting to sell the cards he hasn't even recieved and has put a reserve price on them and people are bidding on the set, even though the original sellers set will be sold an hour before Onewhiteboy's own auction ends. Thus far he has attained $21 in bids. I'd say he's in between a rock and a hard place, wouldn't you? Serves him right, I suppose, for being rather shifty about his yet to be aquired aquisition.

After all, suppose someone bids higher than fifty bucks before the two days and some odd hours are up? Then Onewhiteboy is advertizing an item that he doesn't own, which is fraudulent. He is going to have to keep raising the stakes to keep on top. I doubt he will be able to re-sell the set and make profit... at the rate he is going he shall lose more than half what he invested in the first place.

Enough about E-Bay... I am currently in WCC, taking basic kindergarten math... 75 Basics of College Mathematics... the course name rings of oxy-moron... I am making up for this slight deficiency in thought cognition by balancing this idiot's math class with some fundamental psychology. I am also enrolled in Math Anxiety, or Human Development, which is effectively an 'overall' anxiety course. This little added bonus will go nicely with the overall heaping helping of steaming psychology courses I plan to take at WCC, all of them, within the next year or so. This decision is made painful for the soul reason that I must endure an equally heaping helping of math courses until I make the climb up to MATH 240!!! Duhn duhn duhn... Will he do it? Can he bear it? Probably not... but I'll give it the old college try... I shouldn't be typing self-fullfilling prophesies.

I took three of my cats for a walk, a wander, and a sit in the grass... respectively... Raistlin took a walk, after cowering behind me for about ten minutes. He really got into it and was quite angry with me when I finally decided to call it a night, as the mosquitos were rampant and dusk was near. I didn't walk the cats in the order I'm typing of them... Anyhow, Wally went for a wander, rather than a full fledged walk, as she insisted upon pacing back and forth rather than make any real progress. More than once she found a way to force me to release the leash in order to bypass an obstacle I couldn't possibly use the way she had, such as under the fence... Or forced me to enter some wonderful black berry bushes... But it was a wonderful effort on her part, compared to my biggest and perhaps most improperly named feline companion... Protector Kitten, whom weighs a massive sixteen pounds compared to his next contender, Raistlin, at fourteen pounds, simply sat in the grass where I put him. He hid behind my legs and stared up at me wide-eyed. I could see his thoughts, "Are you going to leave me out here alone?" "Are you trying to get rid of me?" "Is this punishment?" "I'm cute, bring me back inside!" I attempted to place him in different spots in the yard, hoping something would eventually catch his attention and bring him out of his state of shock. I plopped him down. He sat. I've yet to bring Shelby or Taniquetil out for a walk, for they are both dangerous. Though Shelby is miniature in comparison to all of her family members, at an adorable six pounds, she is a fierce warrior cat. Kira (Anne) learned that the hard way at Cornwall Park when upon seeing a few canines a fair distance away, Shelby leapt up her leg, all claws extended, up her side and somehow managed to get on (Anne's) head. Claws digging in fear, Shelby somehow managed a greater feat in absurdity. She ended up attached to (Anne's) right cheek with her teeth... leaving two rather deep holes. I've no desire to experience that kind of savagery. We both agreed at the time that Shelby was no longer a possibility for walks in the park... I really don't know how Taniquetil would react to this experiment in exercise... I'll have to wager pain for the benefits and give it a go...

I drive a piece of shit car...I drive a piece of shit car... and the chorus of females sing (You'll never ever get pussy)

I hate my car! I don't know what is wrong with it this time, but every time I release the gas pedal (unless going downhill...) my car stalls. I've got to keep my foot on the gas any time I desire to slow down or make a full stop. I purchased some spark plugs with the hope that a minor tune up is all that is needed, yet I've found that my savy with cars is about as usefull as my savy for math... I can't figure out how to remove the old plugs to replace them with the new ones. I can't even find three of the plugs... I want a car with plenty of space for alterations... Like my MUSTANG... *Begins to cry, mourning the loss of two beautiful vehicles due to youthful stupidity and testosterone...* Enough self pity, I guess...

Hmmm.... I don't know what else I could possibly write at this time...

I am having much fun with the vampire game. Al "Bad Puppy" (Though no one really knows he goes by that as well) is a wonderful character to play. I didn't think I'd be able to toss Astilea Lavatica Ashford aside so readily, but I managed it without too much fuss. Considering everyone knows that everything to me in the game had been Astilea, I'd say I've been handling my loss quite maturely. I really want to expand my roleplaying in the Al fashion at this time and am going to do my best to bring Al to par with Astilea as far as my personal favorite clan is concerned. I think I ought to go to class now... I've been staring at this moniter since... ten o-clock or so... the time is currently one ten...

Goodbye, all. Zennoreth disappears in a flash of black light and a whirlwind of coagulated blood and bone meal.

Current Mood: drained
Thursday, February 21st, 2002
8:35 pm
I think I can. Yeah. Well, I should be able to, at least. I'm going to make it! Yeah! Put some thought into it! Yeah! I will finish my keyboarding class. I will complete my english class with a decent grade. I must finish my psychology class with a B or higher. Time is running out.

Diana, I think it would be quite funny to purchase a journal with an entry in it. I wouldn't even bring it back to the store to complain. I'd consider it original and fun. I suppose. *smiles*

Life is going well, I think. My babies are still happy, I'm slushing through school at a rather steady pace, my new Gangrel character, Al or Bad Puppy, is fleshing out quite nicely, my Garou character, Hypcostan (Not difficult to pronounce if you simply break it down, people...) the Uktena Theurge seems to be on the ball, and I got banned from the Manor yet again! All is well!

Yes, being banned from the Manor is a good thing, really.

I hope my little dragon head appears this time. Doesn't cross fingers.

Current Mood: bouncy
Tuesday, January 22nd, 2002
8:38 am
Okay, so I took my on-line Psychology test. Now I am prepared for the rest of the day. So I'll pick my stereo up at Circuit City, go to DSHS and skin Martha alive, go to English 101 to lose my mind, and then end up in the typing skillbuilding class to hopefully learn something or at least get more of that monotanous course out of the way. I have decided to quit taking the practice timings. I've already aced the course as the course goal is to type 10 words per minute faster than your entry timing. I began with forty-nine words per minute. I now type upwards of lower sixties.

Yay! My dragons are working now! Happy days! Squish, squash, blargue! I don't have any friends! I am so popular! Random is my middle name! Zennoreth is who I portray. Though Astilea is in mind from day to day! Marquee is fun!

Current Mood: optimistic
2:08 am
My little dragon appeared! Happy day!

Current Mood: ecstatic
2:01 am
I think life is trying its hardest to climb into a handbasket that is being sent to Hell. Martha, you bitch! I'll put you in a one way handbasket to Hell! Now, breathe. Good. Yoga taught me a thing or two. So school is going well, but the English teacher's not showing up for class rocked my boat. And I've yet to take the two on-line Psychology tests I originally sat down to take. The internet is really good at waylaying people, or is it just me? That fox on Sayaka's page is handsome. Random thoughts. Help me figure out what is wrong with Bellingham! Give me your opinions! Oh, wait, no one really knows that I exist...Martin...you were right pal. BLARGUE! If this works, it will make my day.

Blargue! Blargue! Blargue!
Arrrrgggg! Butt Pirate!

Thank you Eliza, for your Butt Pirate. That will always cheer me up.

Current Mood: anxious
Friday, January 18th, 2002
12:05 am
Well, I'm looking forward to tomorrow as I've a couple tests to take. Odd response to impending tests, eh? Then, at seven, I shall go to Vampire game where I'm certian to have much to do...after Vampire...comes Werewolf on Saturday. On Sunday at twelve my DND game will start. I don't know what will happen as everyone is now on level twenty from sixteen due to a four die dice bribe. Thank you for your generousity, Ssen! I suppose we will have to roleplay, as I have not even upgraded my non-player characters.

Grunch, the gay half-orc, has died of old age. He leaves a legacie in the form of an equally flaming half-dragon, quarter-orc, quarter human son, Grunch Jr. He is a Druid that likes to take advantage of wild shape in every sense of the word. Though Druids are limited, he will be a twentieth level one, so we do have a few more focused classes now. What to do with that? Don't know... Tolequiel is going to be difficult as well. His saving grace will be that although he is a multi-class character, he is the highest level Arcane magic user in the party now. Theileneye shouldn't be too hard to work with. Now that she is the only real Rogue in the party she will be more useful overall.

This is going to be great! A new game added to my repetior, school is going without a hitch and I'm nearly out of debt. Now to settle my quible with DSHS...MARTHA will DIE! Mwahahaha!...cough...sputter...cough, cough! Mwahahahahahahahahaha!

Current Mood: Chipper am I
Wednesday, January 16th, 2002
11:00 pm
So I went to court today after staying up all night on the internet. I left Diana's house telling her that although I don't have insurance and hadn't for eight months that it probably wouldn't be brought up. The judge would simply refuse to lower my $200.00 fine and send my on my way because of my overall driving record. No cigar! The judge asks about my insurance after all. I presented him with the very card that to date was eight months over due. He was displeased, to say the least, but he simply gave me the evil eye, told me to get insurance and refused to lower the fine. That set well with me. I walked into the clerk's office and paid my first $50.00 installment though I didn't need to until next month. I don't like letting debt eat at me. So I figure, at this rate I'll be relatively debt free by the end of February, if I don't consider the $800.00 I owe the hospital... That should be taken care of without cash if all goes well... otherwise I can kiss any plans to purchase a computer or leather coat goodbye. I am optimistic, however, and feel that all will work out in the end. School was uneventful other than looking up Bush's speech on September 20th. The entire class was instructed to find it on the net and although it took some looking I found it eventually. A few others were not so lucky. I seem to have been the only person to come across the version of the speech that looked like a Boy Scout mother had gotten her hands on it. It had faint flags as a backdrop and eagles all over the boarder. It even had (APPLAUSE) written in the appropriate locations. How annoying is that? I hate clapping my hands, I think it makes humans look like imbeciles. Anywho...I traveled back over to Diana's and spent some time there only to end up back at school (by choice) with her to check out the Adult Education program. I spent my time checking out my on-line class, which I only just got the textbook for. I think I've got to read to page seventy... Well, I think I'm going to check my mail and head home tonight. Astalabyebye!

Current Mood: Accomplished says I Squeaky Bo
2:37 am
I'm computer illiterate, but that's okay because I've been browsing and have decided that even if I didn't have any semblence of a real life I couldn't possibly read even one journal entry from each person on here, so I've little to fear other than someone picking random names to click on or someone whom actually recognizes my name to begin with. Anyone who recognizes my name will certianly arlready think poorly of me, (chances are) so I am not concerned. This is great! Nothing to lose! I could talk about anything! Such as...wait...thought I was going to let it all hang out as it were...nope, not happening. Sorry, though I'm certain there are some really entertaining journal entries in this huge mess of them. I am going to need some help from Diana to get this working properly. See you all at Vampire or Werewolf. You know who you are...

Current Mood: #89 Where's my dragon?
1:52 am
So I'm still putzing around on Live Journal, attempting to figure things out and customize it properly. I wish I knew more about computers than how to turn them on...

Current Mood: What does this button do?
12:36 am
Perhaps this shall be a longer entry then.
Good night all! I have been learning about this electronic communication technology and have become aware of live journal. I think that this is splendid as I have trouble writing by hand for long. Being a left handed individual doesn't help as I tend to smudge my work and end up with lead or ink all over my hands. Now I can possibly keep a journal on a more regular basis than ever before. I'll be writing something instead of nothing, that is. So, I know a few individuals whom also frequent the live journal. Perhaps you will figure out who I am and comment on something or say hi? I plan on enjoying roleplaying really well from this point on, with three games per week I will stay quite busy and entertained. School, of course, will not be taking a back seat and I've decided that my education will take the driver's position if need be. Let's see, this is a journal so I will say something about what I did tod...er, yesterday. I woke up at eleven eleven to the sound of an alarm blaring through my humble abode that had been doing so since ten forty. Wow, I've never slept through it that long before! I promptly jumped out of bed once my ears began to work to cross the trailer, hit the off switch and jump back into bed. I then re-awoke to find that I had missed an appointment at the Federal Building by nine minutes. I fed my cats, got dressed, watered the plants and hopped into my sporty Ford Taurus station wagon. Playing in the tape deck was Depeche Mode. I drove at low speed into town and made it to the Federal Building within minutes. I then drew a number from the machine which read fifty eight. I noticed that the next person being helped was fifty two. I decided to go check out a shop or two. I passed the nice security guard in my leather green trench-coat, cream cap with green leather brim and lion embroidery, thick leather gloves, red T-shirt, purple plaid long sleeve open over shirt, tan jeans and black suede shoes. The consignment shop beckoned and so I entered. I received a dollar and fifteen cents! A specialty plant shop caught my eye so I waltzed on in. The individual working there stopped what she was doing and immediately got as close to me as professionally possible. Maybe it was my attire? My smile? Eh, I don't know for certain. I told her I was looking for a Habiscus, as my forty plus year old one was possibly on its way out. She didn't have one. Pity. I found myself an Asparagus Fern though, like the one my mother had in the dining room for more than a decade. It was the only indoor houseplant, in fact. I purchased that and she seemed to calm down a bit. I then walked back to the Federal Building with my plant in hand and discovered I had spent too much time away, for now the number read sixty eight. How is it that molasses can become virtually liquid when you least expect it too? Anyhow, I drew a new number, seventy, and sat down. I made it to the window, was told to sit down some more as I am a practiced sitter, and was finally called into the secret annex. I signed my name on a paper and the clerk smiled and said that was all. I had set three appointments and missed all three to sign my name? Government... Anywho...off to school went I at that point, with nigh a meal in me short of some vegetable juice. Class went well, though I sat in the lounge to finish homework that the teacher didn't have us turn in for some unknown reason. I then went to my OFFAD 104 class which is a fancy acronym for Typing Instruction for Speed and Accuracy. I am in the course that requires a minimum typing speed of thirty-five words per minute. I entered the course just two weeks ago typing forty-one words per minute. Now I fluctuate between the upper thirties and upper sixties. I think I'll pass the course, either way and early at that. I hope to test out of English 101 as well earlier than expected so I can focus on my on-line Psychology 230. I then drove home, ate some vegetarian lasagna, fed my cats, spoke with some entity that calls itself a mother and got back in my car to get gas at my favorite station, BP, now known as the 69...er 67 station. It is a good thing to frequent a place rather than shopping around for the people there allow you small luxuries such as not needing to pre-pay after dark and allowing for slight under payment at times. Bought some smokes, Marlboro Special Selection, because I like the box. Black with a bright red logo. I was hoping the cigarettes would look like Djarum Blacks. Didn't, quite boring really. Off to Stuart's to see if I knew anyone there at the time. Didn't, so I calculated my monthly expenses for the next three months. Now I am here at Diana's keyboard typing my first live journal. What fun!
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